SPontanea Collective is pleased to present a new original initiative:


From Street Photographer to Street Photographer


Numerous Portfolio reviews are organised in Italy. Some of them are fine and high-visibility events, thanks to the presence of highly professional reviewers, acclaimed photographers, critics, photo-editors etc.


Without wishing to be compared to such important events, we would like to offer a initiative specifically aimed to Street Photographers: the opportunity for an open confrontation, for interacting, receiving advice, critiques and suggestions on photos and on the strenght of a personal vision, exclusively from fellows Street Photographers: photographers that actively dedicate themselves to Street Photography, that recognize the challenges and the difficulties, that know the trends, the history, the reference points and the Masters of Street Photography; photographers that appreciate the value and the identity of a photography genre too often misunderstood, misinterpreted and underrated – by public, photographers and photography critics.

The SPontanea Collective was born with the aim to become, with time and great dedication, a quality point of reference for the italian street photographers. This initative is hopefully one further step on the journey  leading to this goal.

Away from web rules and approaches, we have ‘created’ STREET-FOLIO – a one-day seminar of live reviews dedicated exclusively to Street Photography portfolios.

We very much hope in a positive reception and in your partecipation to the project. We do not have important sponsors behind us, we have no label, no association, we do not have significant prizes and our budget is  minimal. Everything depends on the work of volunteers, with the main aim to improve Street Photography quality through a sincere dialogue.

That is why we ask the photographers who submit their works to help with a small open donation, to support the logistic costs and to allow us to bring this initative to other cities.

Thank you for your attention and for your support.

We welcome you in Florence on October 10th 2015.

SPontanea Collective


For more information and for the event program, please write to:

with the collaboration of the group SPI

THE FLORENTINE (media partnership)