Matteo Signanini was born in La Spezia in the summer of 1980.
His first reflex is a Zenit 35mm, still in use today, a gift of his grandfather when he was a child, thanks to which he discovered his passion for photography.
Passionate about Cinema, Comics & Visual Arts studies at the DAMS of Bologna where he had the opportunity to master his photographic knowledge that allows him to explore himself and the world around him.
In 2011 some of his works were published by De Agostini in the Portfolio Series.
Since 2012 he collaborates with various blogs and photographic collective in all of Italy, taking part in various festivals of Street Photography.
In 2015 he won the 5 stage of the Portfolio Italy in Sestri Levante with work US\74 a reportage in the movement Ultras La Spezia, and participates in the Portfolio Italy Finale at the CIFA of Bibbiena.
This work is published in many web’s news in the world as example Witness Journal.
In December of 2015 his first publication borns, entitled 1980, curated by Jacopo Benassi WANTED in the festival, in the space of the Distro, local of La Spezia.
1980 is published also on PLS magazine and it’s selected for the Funzilla Fest in Rome.