I was born in 1974 between the sea, the paper and inks.

I have 6 years old when I stop to admire the printing presses of my father that produced everything from labels to works of art.

I get lost in the world of advertising, fonts, lines, color.

I try to make the accountant, then the philosopher (but first it must be too narrow and the second too wide) and in the meantime the “martial artist”.

I met the greatest passion, however, in 2003: photography.

I shoot in digital, analog, color, black and white.

I find a lot of inspiration in recent years and I know many beautiful people who populate this world.

And since 2008 I decided to print photos in a certain way: Fine Art, they call it.

Practically the choice of materials and the care of the photographic image is made with great care.

Between 2015 and 2016 I had the opportunity to have my work exhibited in Miami, San Francisco and Brussels as a finalist of international competitions about Street Photography.