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Dino Jasarevic was born in Brcko (Bosnia) in 1983.

In 1993 he and his family escape the Bosnian War by moving to Italy.

He is now based in Turin where he owns a children entertainment agency; he has been performing as clown for 15 years.


Dino has been photographing what is around him since 2009 – he got close to photography thanks to another big passion of his: travelling.


“I realised my body is a bit like a suitcase: I carry myself in it, emptying it or filling it with what I’ll become. It doesn’t matter if it gets too heavy because if I take care while carrying it, it will not only be my bundle but also my support. So, to tell my stories I shall open this suitcase and look inside, because all deep feelings experienced while photographing stand above the shallow reality. When I click the shutter my feelings are so intense that only by looking at the images you’ll be able to understand them”