Tokyo Nights

Monia Perissinotto

Monia Perissinotto “Tokyo Night” project has been awarded the first prize at the SI Fest/Portfolio of the 23rd Savignano Immagini Festival.

Behind Japan public facade, the one that most of people in the west is more familiar with, there is another Japan that only in the past century has started absorbing the western culture, re-elaborating it in a strange mix of ancient and modern. Every coin has got two sides and very often we are familiar only with one of these. This prevents us from understanding the complexity of a person, of a culture, of a country. Monia flips this coin and – while it spins in the air – she begins photographing. This “in flight” images are not perfectly in focus but show us geishas with their faces painted white and red lips, dark alleys and shapes of the traditional building that share the space with the futuristic shopping centres. Then we have the figures that populate Tokyo night life, manga-like ghosts, the chiaroscuro of light and darkness. Faces are not clearly defined, but expand in the uncertainty, acquiring disordered traits through which we can make out symbols, but without fully understanding their meanings. Tokyo nights is a very articulated work and perhaps of not immediate comprehension, because the author is the only one to own its deep interpretation. Tokyo is a backdrop in which various actors play their role, but is to Monia’s direction that the complexity of the work is fulfilled. Every work could be considered autobiographical, but this is particularly so because her authorship is prevalent in the storytelling: she know it and the emperor is never naked.

Cinzia Busi Thompson