Street Photography Versilia

Salvatore Matarazzo

Street Photography Versilia shows the way I see my region through the faces of those who live there. My photographic approach is straightforward and confrontational: I get close to people and shooting with a flash I try and illuminate the way each of us hides behind a self-defending mask of vanity, revealing – thanks to these moments of surprise and vulnerability and through the facial expressions I manage to catch –  who stands behind this protection. All the above always with a touch of dramatic irony and a grotesque vision of humanity. I am not a stealthy and neutral photographer. I want the photographic act to be noticeable in my photos and when I select my images, I pick the ones that once again bring to my mind the click of the shutter-release button. I am aware of the fact that this ‘tough’ photographic approach has been source of controversy and considerable criticism and is regarded by some as aggressive, overbearing and even unethical. In my view this is instead a rather honest approach. The photographer doesn’t hide, he exposes himself in turn. And he expresses his respect for persons with a smile, a simple nod, a thank you, and foremost with the honesty to never take disparaging, insulting or degrading photographs.

Street Photography Versilia is still an on-going project and I don’t know yet how and when I will conclude it. From this project comes also my ‘Carnival’ book, a work that shows the way I see the three main aspects of The Carnival of Viareggio.

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