Street photography = feminile noun

selected authors

Spontanea Collective – with the constant aim of highlighting street photography in its various expressive aspects – begins its third year with a research focusing on women in the photographic scene, and in particular on Italian female street photographers who have shown a peculiar ability using street photography as a personal visual instrument to look and reflect on everyday life.

 Giuliana Traverso, talking about women’s photography, said that “the big difference is that the woman photographer is able to look within herself before outside herself”. We can only agree with her…

We chose a feminine declension of street photography genre, through authors and works that during these years have struck us by their consciousness and good quality.

 Discovering each author and trying to see and understand through their eyes their personal paths, was a very fascinating journey, whose aim is not to keep a separation of sexes, but the opposite: to bring them together through a comparison and connection of sensitivity, culture, vision, approach. Street photography made it possibile in an unique way.

 We are thinking in particular of the works of Vivian Maier, Mary Ellen Mark, Melanie Einzing, Narelle Autio and many more, their approach toward people, the way they observed and interacted in the street, but what really interests us is ‘the what and how’ is being narrated.

 We feel the duty to specify that this presentation is not in any way a ranking; it is merely one way to talk about street photography and its expressive language, choosing an all-female perspective.

 The selected photographs are accompanied by a short text with our comments, questions and motivations, describing the authors and pointing out how in our opinion street photography and women seem to share common elements and ingredients, such as… charm, sensitivity, courage, intelligence, sweetness and beauty.

The selected authors are: Elena Indoitu, Anna Montuori, Sara Nicomedi, Teresa Visceglia, Sharon Formichella Parisi, Francesca Torracchi, Sara Munari, Fatima Abbadi, Sara Paolini, Federica Zucchini, Francesca Fascione, Mary Cimetta, Marta Scotti, Benedetta Falugi, Isabella Borrelli, Roberta Pastore, Angela Maria Antuono.

Fatima Abbadi

Angela Maria Antuono

Isabella Borrelli

Mary Cimetta

Benedetta Falugi

Francesca Fascione

Elena Indoitu

Anna Montuori

Sara Munari

Sara Nicomedi

Sara Paolini

Roberta Pastore

Marta Scotti

Sharon Formichella Parisi

Teresa Visceglia

Francesca Toracchi

Federica Zucchini