Massimo Napoli

City Limits

Emerged Lands

The concept of limit is paradoxically quite alien to a city like mine. Cities like Salerno are cities that tend to stretch rather than widen, urban creatures that lean their back on the mountains, with an eye always to the sea.

Therefore my first natural instinct approaching the concept of limit was to turn to the sea. However the sea proved to be a poor limit for the eyes, a boundary dampened only by the line of the horizon. The mountains behind me instead proved to be only privileged viewpoints on the sea.

Most likely at this point a less insane and stubborn photographer would have changed his subject. Most likely another photographer would have done a better job. I chose instead to reinvent my city, bringing the sea where it does not exist. Flooding the streets under the indifferent eye of passers-by, artificially and graphically creating a limit, for no other reason than this:

I felt like it.

And my camera allowed me to do it, granting me creator-demiurge powers that I more than blissfully exploited.

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